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Proven Prognostics Capability for the Global Rail Industry

Why choose Humaware?

Humaware generates value by providing competitive, effective, easy to use and scalable Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solutions, with state of the art data-driven prognostic capability, for the Global Rail Industry. We provide trusted actionable information for optimising maintenance and increasing asset availability, improving safety and reducing the cost of ownership.

We thrive on a culture of integrity, growth, expertise, innovation, customer service and personal development, and aim to be a supplier and employer of choice.

How can Humaware benefit your business?

Effective Condition Monitoring strategies are proven to save between 10-15% of maintenance costs. Predictive maintenance saves a further 5-10%.

(Ref DigitalMcKinsey, 2018)

Our vision is to be the world leaders in the supply of maintenance prognostics solutions for the Global Rail Industry, reducing the cost of ownership of railway assets by increasing their availability and safety, through the application of reliable technology and services which can add real customer value in the form of actionable information.


Reduce Costs 
Increase Capacity
Reduce Carbon footprint
Improve Customer experience


Reduce cost of ownership
Increase uptime
Increase capacity
Reduce delays


Reduce maintenance costs
Reduce parts wastage
Avoid over-maintenance
Improve scheduling/planning


Reduce track-side presence
Improve asset reliability
Increase customer confidence