Knowledge Based Diagnostics Systems

The Humaware Knowledge Based Diagnostics system uses the results of the CFAR-Autotrend processing to produce an automated and robust diagnostic process.

Diagnostics or Prognostics for maintenance alleviation is largely procedural. This is due to a number of factors:

  • Not all of the information needed to confirm a diagnosis is contained in the condition data.
  • The relationship between the Condition Indicators is usually complex and not linear.
  • Prognostic indicators evolve as a result of the aggravation of the incipient defect.

The Rule Base can be integrated with the mandated Maintenance Handbook procedures, reducing the problems of certifying the process. It can also be expanded to capture other Knowledge Based processes.

This technology is readily certifiable and when integrated with the CFAR-Autotrend technology produces a technology that is reliable and robust enough to support the obtaining and implementing of Maintenance Credits that underpin any Condition Based Maintenance programme.

Diagram: Diagnostics Rule Based Reasoning Software

Diagnostics Rule Based Reasoning Software


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