InsightAM - Decision Support Tool for MRO

From the Prognostics Gateway technology Humaware have developed InsightAM - a decision support tool for MRO.

It is a desk top, data driven, Monte Carlo based solution to resolving the challenging requirements of modern contracting models for MRO. It is designed to support decision making activities by providing an assessment of both the short and long term horizons of agile networks to ensure that a sound understanding of the risk is achieved. InsightAM enables users to test proposed radical new business policies in a risk free environment to ensure that the optimal outcome is achieved. Some examples include:

Tactical Forecasts
(short term horizon)
  • Adding new or phasing out old platforms to the fleet.
  • Sudden changes in operations - deployment.
  • Changes to operational profile.
  • Improvements in reliability.
  • Validating operational decision.
Strategic forecasts
(long term horizon)
  • Transferring a whole or part of fleet to PBL or CFA contracts.
  • Evaluating impact on whole business of new contracts.
  • Impact of monitoring systems from simple fleet management tools to sophisticated Prognostic Health Monitoring systems.
  • Resolving the lean-agile dilemma to simultaneously scale and lean the network.

The InsightAM tool is based on research undertaken as part of the SMMART 6th Framework programme to develop the tools and systems necessary to manage agile MRO networks. We ensure that the widest possible outcomes are assessed by incorporating the Monte Carlo method into the InsightAM software and Key Performance Indicators, targeted to your particular goals, give users a measure of risk in achieving these goals. The integration of time zero state of your network enables short term forecasts to be based on the current state of your fleet. InsightAM is a completely data driven process meaning that no programming or modelling skills are necessary.

To find out how InsightAM can benefit your organisation contact Humaware to discuss your needs.

Example of InsightAM Reporting Capability

Example of InsightAM Reporting Capability


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