The Lean-Agile Dilemma

Operators are transferring the risk of sustaining asset availability to MRO organisations by utilising new performance based contracting models. As maintenance organisations re-engineer their businesses to meet the needs of new contracting models they are faced with two challenges:

  1. Increasing network agility to meet demanding contractual availability based performance measures; and
  2. Leaning the performance of the maintenance processes to produce the profit to justify the contractual risks.

Network agility is usually achieved by increasing free resource such as float stock, but leaning the network means reducing less free resource and consequently, there is a lean agile dilemma. This dilemma is an essential business risk mitigation action to be undertaken to support performance based logistics contract evaluation.

To assist operators to resolve this dilemma Humaware has developed InsightAM - Decision Support Tool for MRO by providing both the short term forecast of demand to support agile asset management and the long term forecasts to support the correct scaling of the agile network to ensure lean operation. Contract scenarios can be easily inputted and management options, in particular investment in fleet management and condition monitoring technology, evaluated in a timely manner and most importantly with a measurement of risk.

We have assisted MRO organisations to resolve this dilemma using InsightAM, reducing float stock and increasing availability and we can do this for you too.

Contact Humaware for more information on how InsightAM can help resolve the Lean-Agile in your MRO support organisation.

The Lean-Agile Dilemma


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