Why Predictive Maintenance?

The purpose of predictive maintenance processing is to minimise the risk of failure of an asset and to maximise the assets life while achieving cost reductions.

Predictive Maintenance is achieved by implementing prognostics to determine the remaining useful life for an asset.

The benefits of making full use of your predictive maintenance capability to improve profitability are:

  1. Improving asset availability.
  2. Reducing maintenance costs by improving the agility and efficiency of the supply chain.
  3. Reducing maintenance costs by alleviating unnecessary maintenance.
  4. Increasing the assets Maintenance Free Operating Period.
  5. Achieving level scheduling for the maintenance resources.
  6. Improving safety by replacing assets before they become unserviceable.

Humaware supports customers by implementing our Prognostics Gateway toolset into your condition monitoring system to provide a predictive maintenance capability. Contact Humaware to find out how we can help you to maximise your predictive maintenance capability.

Jet engine open for maintenanceShip in dry dock undergoing work on rudder and screwTracked construction vehicle
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