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Extremely accurate and reliable data-driven adaptive anomaly detection techniques provides the fundament for the predictive analytics.

EKE’s SmartVisionTM is a cloud-based solution for predictive condition-based maintenance of trains, metros and trams. It incorporate’s Humaware’s Adaptive Anomaly Detector which makes the SmartVisionTM solution stand out from other solutions for online monitoring and predictive analytics available on the market. Humaware’s Adaptive Anomaly Detector offers extremely accurate and reliable data-driven detection of changes, which provides the fundamental basis for the predictive analytics.

Scalable cloud-based solution for analysis, visualization and storage of diagnostic events and condition monitoring data from any fleet.
Flexible to personalize for different user roles and individual preferences based on a library of different widgets
Offered as Software-as-a-Service or as License & Software Support agreement
The industry-leading Adaptive Anomaly Detector, developed by Humaware, ensures early and reliable detection of developing faults which is the prerequisite for predictive analytics and dynamic service scheduling

For more information go to www.smartvision.fi