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Track Circuit Monitoring


Humaware’s track circuit monitoring has been developed in collaboration with Network Rail. The capability has delivered breakthrough data-driven diagnostics technology for Track Circuit Monitoring as part of Network Rail’s Predict and Prevent strategy. Track circuit monitoring uses data-driven methods to provide the user with 100% surveillance of the raw monitored signal 100% of the time without having to set or maintain fixed thresholds.

Track circuit monitoring has been demonstrated to detect defects in track circuits on average 10 hours earlier than existing fixed threshold methods and has removed the requirement of using the five fixed thresholds which have to be setup and maintained individually for over 18,000 track circuits being monitored.

A novel dashboard has been developed that no longer displays alerts as a list of data but as a set of pictograms, enabling the user to assess the information being presented without the need to analyse the source data. The dashboard enables the root cause to be assessed without the need to analyse the monitored current waveforms. This capability utilises new simpler protocols to enable the user to efficiently assess the information without having to analyse the waveforms. Actionable information is provided that enables the user to accurately determine any intervention that is required.

Track circuit monitoring is a big step forward in Network Rail’s quest to improve asset reliability, increasing capacity and safety on the network by leveraging asset data using innovative technology that will ultimately contribute to the strategic vision for Asset Management and Maintenance in Network Rail.