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Benefits of Humaware Track Circuit Monitoring

Benefits Include

No fixed thresholds to set and maintain
Network Rail’s Intelligent Infrastructure system monitors over 18,000 track circuits by setting and maintaining individual fixed thresholds
Earlier detections
The alerts detected by the Adaptive Anomaly Detector were between 34 minutes and 33 hrs and 12 minutes (on average 10 hours and 23 minutes) in advance of the existing Network Rail alert detections.
Detailed information about the current
Humaware’s condition indicator concept identifies features of the track circuit current waveform that directly relate to the defect including information about the transitions
Innovative dashboard
Alerts are presented as a set of pictograms, enabling the user to assess the information being presented without the need to analyse the source data.
Data-driven diagnostics
Automated diagnostic support for root cause analysis.
Low false alert rate
Less than 10% of valid alerts